All Sealcoat is not the same

I only use the best commercial grade sealer available.

Asphalt Sealer used is Sealmaster 100% Coal Tar.

 Also I add a POLYMER Enhancer to the mix for improved toughness and longevity.

Dries to a blacker satin finish.

Sealer is applied with a Sealcoat Brush

This ensures a thicker coat and neatness.

All cut in is done with a smaller brush.

Very neat and professional.

You will not be disappointed

Coal Tar Emulsion

     Coal Tar Emulsion. This material is created as a result from the "coking process" in steel manufacturing. It is comprised of a mixture of thousands of chemicals that are different in molecular structure than asphalt itself. This allows Coal Tar Emulsion to protect the asphalt from the harsh effects of UV rays, petroleum based products and water.

Coal Tar Emulsion is the most durable sealer on the market. The natural life span of an asphalt sealcoating job performed with Coal Tar Emulsion is approximately 3-5 years. This time estimate depends on enviromental conditions, the traffic volume that the asphalt experiences on a daily basis and the condition of the original asphalt when it was appied. In comparison, the other sealers typically last 2-3 years maximum for the same traffic volume. Currently, Coal Tar Emulsion is the sealer of choice for the vast majority of Federal Airport sealcoating projects, due to its ability to protect againt the ill effects of Jet Fuel.

The other asphalt sealers that are petroleum based in chemical structure and the Coal Tar Emulsion is not. This is the biggest advantage that Coal Tar Emulsion has over the other sealers.


When gasoline and oil dispersed on to the asphalt pavement it has a natural tendency to bond with the asphalt due to the similarities in chemical structure. This bonding process deterioration in the asphalt leads to raveling, which is when the stones start to separate from the asphalt.

     Coal Tar Emulsion is a water based sealer. Water is used to enable the contractor to use it in a workable state. After the sealer has been applied, the water evaporates, which leaves a durable film. Many people have a tendency to ask if an Coal Tar sealer is latex or oil based. The answer is neither. Instead its main composition is Coal Tar itself.

SealMaster Seal Coat:

Is a mineral filled 100% coal tar emulsion designed to protect and beautify all asphalt pavements including parking lots, driveways, shopping malls, roadways and more.


Additional SealMaster Additive:

“TOP TUFF” is a polymer latex resin emulsion designed to modify coal tar based pavement sealers.  Top Tuff imparts an outstanding toughness and dries to a blacker finish


Seal Master Rubberized crack filler used for crack repairs.